Thursday, December 1, 2016

Testing 11/30

New stream from last night.

New problems:
- Up through floor 32 worked fine, but the doors there seemed to break.  I tried a 1-floor ROM and Mana Beast loaded fine, so this may be a 32-floor-specific issue.
- One door on floor 13 did not work.  No idea what may have caused this since no other doors seemed to be affected.
- Still some balancing issues.  Enemies on floor 20+ or so were oneshotting me.  Toward the end of the stream I make some adjustments that seem to work better on floor 16.  More testing needed.
- Forest maps are still sticking spawn points and exits on top of ledges on occasion.
- I went to generate another ROM and the forest tileset failed to generate caves for one floor.  I noted the seed, can reproduce it, and will look at it sometime soon.

- Finally redesigned the way I do palette randomization so all BG palettes for all maps are generated, and nothing should rely on original palettes anymore.  This avoids the potential issue where generated palettes start overwriting originals.
- The debug log filename now includes the seed, so it will generate a new log for each unique ROM.
- Enemies on later maps being overpowered appeared to be due to their weapon levels scaling up with the floor number.  I've disabled this for casual difficulty and bumped their base stats up a bunch to compensate a bit; this seems to provide more reasonable difficulty so far.  Other difficulties will need to be tested later.

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