Sunday, December 11, 2016


This may still be very glitchy, but here's v0.1 to test.


Edit: Already some problems coming up - fixes will be coming.

Problems so far (thanks to falexxx1 for testing these ROMs on stream earlier):
- 1DA0C80613395002 w/ 8 or 24 floors looks screwed up, and 8 floor crashes immediately. 12/11 22:15 Fixed.  This was an issue with the game trying to render enemies before it was ready.  It should no longer spawn them near your start area.  This should be in v0.11.
- F002FAEA39AB6AC1 w/ 16 floors - mana beast door led to floor 6 instead of to mana beast 12/11 22:51 Fixed.  Door handling for the ruins tileset was not quite right for the double doors that lead to the same spot indoors, and in this case this was wiping out the mana beast door.

New ideas (in no particular order):
- Paid HP/MP restores should cost more per floor, or more every time you use them
- Enemy name randomization
- Weapon color/name/effect randomization
- Fixed NPC image for restores, so you can recognize them 12/12 20:22 Added - this is Phanna for now since there wasn't really another NPC that worked well (Neko will be used later for shops).   This should be in v0.12. 
- Decorations / arrows / etc on island tileset as point of reference/direction for where exit is 12/12 21:50 - Added arrows drawn in stone underwater to guide you on the island maps.  There should be 4-5 per map.  This should be in v0.12.
- Maybe some tweaks to combat
- Endless mode
- Prevent multiple of the same tileset happening in a row 12/12 20:22 Added - if it rolls the same tileset as last time it will re-roll once.  You can still get two in a row, but it should add some variety.  This should be in v0.12.
- Add the song in for learning magic 12/12 20:40 Added.  This should be in v0.12. 12/12 22:08 Edit - this doesn't work quite right.  Original music doesn't come back, and is variable, so it's tricky to get it right.  Won't be in v0.12.  Will look at later.
- Maybe bump up max items

Old ideas going in soon:
- Shops
- Boss floors

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