Monday, December 26, 2016

v0.30 Soon

All three (fairly basic) boss arenas are built.  One of them has no layer2 so that I can use a few additional bosses in it (like Aegorpgripaoropolian).

Added a bit of code to do floor-based scaling for boss weapon damages, so bosses that are late-game in vanilla don't wreck the hell out of you.  Not sure yet if properly balanced.

Hard-mode bosses should be considerably more difficult than casual-mode.

Bosses currently give you one random weapon orb when they die.  Will see whether they should give additional rewards or a wider variety of stuff as time goes on.

Bosses will appear every 3-5 floors.  This includes the last floor, so you could get a boss + mana beast in sequence.

Currently it's all vanilla bosses with the standard boss theme.  I may have a couple fun alternatives later on if I find time to include them.

Test stream should be soon, and if all goes well, release soon after.

Forest w/ Mantis Ant (and Elliot)

Island w/ Minotaur

Ruins w/ Mech Rider

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