Wednesday, December 14, 2016

12/13 Test Stream

Testing new stuff for v0.20:
- Shops
- Lucent beam costing 4 instead of 8
- Adjusted treasure loot so you should get generally better stuff (about equivalent to what's available in shops, for now)
- Stuff from v0.12 that I haven't tried out extensively yet

- Shops were extending too far and overwriting the Watts price data.  This was fixed on stream.  Will be in v0.20.
- Amulet Helm's buy price is 6k, and sell price is 24k.  While this was hilarious, it probably should still be fixed.  12/14 17:25 Fixed.  This was due to Neko shop price doubling.  This hat should have cost 36k to buy, but instead cost 72k, which overflowed down to 6k.  That's been taken out, so nothing should overflow anymore.  Should be in v0.20.
- Island tileset arrows indicate the correct axis, but sometimes point the wrong way.  You can still use them to find the exit (by running along that axis), but this should be fixed for v0.20. 12/14 17:00 I think this is fixed now.  Should be in v0.20.
- I got blocked by a table on floor 17 of 24-floor 18C43DF79C7AF3B7.  This made the ROM uncompletable.  12/14 17:10 Fixed I think - at least for that particular seed it went away.  Should be in v0.20.

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