Friday, December 23, 2016


Working on v0.30.  I've had to rework how maps are stored to fit a third map for each floor that is the boss arena.  I had intended to just cram them into the "indoor" map, but as it turns out, the boss graphic decompression overlaps with map data for large maps, and wrecks layer 2. So, I had to make new, small maps for them.

Forest one is done.  Ruins and islands ones are coming.

A surprising amount of bosses seem to "work" on these maps so far.
Mantis Ant, complete with Elliot, who's actually built-in to the boss

Frost Gigas

Blue Spike, faking his death

This should be done fairly soon.  I also have to tweak boss weapon damage.. right now it's unmodified, and these later guys one-shot me.  This will be a little new code that scales based on floor number like I already do for normal enemies.

When they die, bosses currently grant a random weapon orb.  Every 3-5 floors will have a boss that the exit warps you to before taking you to the next floor.

Notes on which bosses seem to work, and which don't, so far.  The ones that are just "Works" will probably be the ones I use for the initial v0.30 release:

- 0x57 Mantis Ant: Works
- 0x58 Wall Face: Requires a map that doesn't have layer 2, since it draws the wall part of its graphic on layer 2.  I'll have at least one of my arenas like this so that he can be used now and then.
- 0x59 Tropicallo: Theoretically works, but his coordinates are hardcoded, and would need to be changed to work for the map he's on.  I'll work him in eventually.
- 0x5a Minotaur: Works
- 0x5b Spikey Tiger: Works but suffers from a similar problem to Tropicallo - his jump spots are hardcoded, and the map would optimally be set up with safe spots he could sit in, like his original map has.
- 0x5c Jabberwocky: Works
- 0x5d Spring Beak: Works, but has similar issues to Spikey Tiger
- 0x5e Frost Gigas: Works
- 0x5f Snap Dragon: Seems to glitch out a bit with Tonpole graphics, but mostly works
- 0x60 Mech Rider: Works, but his death animation makes layer 2 a little screwy.  I'll probably throw him in anyway, who cares
- 0x61 Doom's Wall: Same issues as 0x58
- 0x62 Vampire: Works
- 0x63 Metal Mantis: Works
- 0x64 Mech Rider #2: See 0x60
- 0x65 Kilroy: Works
- 0x66 Gorgon Bull: Works
- 0x67 Brambler: I think this is supposed to be a companion enemy to the Tropicallo bosses, and not a standalone enemy
- 0x68 Boreal Face: Mostly works, but has some hardcoded coordinates
- 0x69 Great Viper: Seems to work, but I think he has a dependency on the size of the map; could be glitchy at times
- 0x6a Lime Slime: Requires a special map due to use of Mode 7 effects for his "growth"
- 0x6b Blue Spike: Same story as 0x5b; works, but not perfectly
- 0x6c Chamber's Eye: Not a standalone boss
- 0x6d Hydra: Works
- 0x6e Aegorpiaproanlian: Requires a map without layer 2
- 0x6f Hexas: Works
- 0x70 Kettle Kin: Works
- 0x71 Tonpole: Seems to work, and to my surprise, turn into Biting Lizard the way he's supposed to
- 0x72 Mech Rider #3: See 0x64
- 0x73 Snow Dragon: Uses layer 2
- 0x74 Fire Gigas: Works
- 0x75 Red Dragon: See 0x73
- 0x76 Axe Beak: See 0x5d
- 0x77 Blue Dragon: See 0x75
- 0x78 Buffy: Works
- 0x79 Dark Lich: Requires a special arena, consumes both layer 1 and 2
- 0x7a Biting Lizard: Seems to work the same as just sticking a Tonpole on the map; it will show up first as Tonpole
- 0x7b Dragon Worm: See 0x69
- 0x7c Dread Slime: See 0x6a
- 0x7d Thunder Gigas: Works
- 0x7e Doom's Eye: Not a standalone boss
- 0x7f Mana Beast: Requires a special arena; also I already use him at the end of the run

For the record, two bosses at the same time (with the exception of Tonpoles) .. doesn't reeeeeally work:

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