Wednesday, December 14, 2016

12/14 Test Stream

Testing new stuff for v0.20.

- All the v0.20 fixes from the last posts.
- Max items increased from 4 -> 7
- Lucent Beam now costs 4 MP instead of 8.

- Still issues with tables covering stairways inside ruins tileset (29CE65D8D86F6635 floor 3)  12/16 00:10 I think this is fixed for v0.20.  I've redesigned how these get placed.  Hopefully they don't block stairways anymore.
- Mana Beast still too weak
- "Credits" map didn't work 12/16 00:10 I think I know why this is - I'm probably overwriting the object data for an existing map here for 24 floors, and the header's getting all screwed up.  I should explicitly define this header, and the one for the mana beast map.  12/16 11:12 - I think this is fixed now for v0.20.
- Ruins tileset still spawning enemies near the start spot sometimes (which for the first floor can crash) 12/16 00:10 Fixed for v0.20.

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