Friday, December 9, 2016

12/8 Test Stream

I did another test stream last night.  Thanks to everybody who showed up to give input on things! I played three separate SoM ACs last night. Here are the problems I encountered:

[527EE62E97BFF93D x 16f]
Floor 15 [ruins] just mysteriously didn't have an exit tile on the roof, though the map indicated it should have.  Was unable to progress past this point, so no telling whether the Mana Beast would have worked. 12/10 12:37 Fixed.  This was due to the way I'm handling door data injection for the previous map if the current map's generation process changes where its entry door is.  It wasn't handling multiple doors, which the ruins tileset can have if roofstart == 1.  Should work now.

[68E5434E6D327B09 x 8f]
Mana Beast was broken - tossed me into the wall and such.  Have seen this issue before and thought I fixed it.  Has to do with the way I'm injecting enemy stats.  Should be fixable.  12/10 20:31 I think this is fixed - similar to the one below this, I wasn't handling map piece blocks correctly for the Mana Beast map.

[94E02875DE08C6EC x 8f]
Interior of floor 8's layer 2 was all screwed up.  12/10 19:38  Fixed.  Wasn't setting the start point of the map pieces for the map after the last floor, so the last floor's data was overflowing.
Mana Beast worked fine on this ROM, but was notably weak.  Took me like 3 sword hits to kill him. 12/10 19:22 Bumped up his stats a bit.  Will see how well it works out next time.
Finale map showed up as "Floor 91" lol 12/10 13:05 Fixed.  I bypass the new layer 3 rendering for this map, so you won't see the timer still ticking or the weird floor number anymore.

Other potential changes:
- Remove or speed up intro sword-pull animation  12/10 13:23 Removed this by taking out a call at 0x1EC78.
- Speed up treasure open animation  12/10 18:12 This is going to take more time to get working than it's worth right now.  Will go on the "later" list.
- Consider moving timer tick code somewhere where it updates even while I'm in the menus.  12/10 18:12 This is partially implemented.  It looks a little glitchy but does count up when you're in the ring menu as well now.  Still needs a little work and it doesn't count up in some of the fullscreen menus, but I'm calling it good enough for the initial release.
- Don't allow two element NPCs to be in the same room, the positioning looks a little odd. 12/10 18:64 This should be fixed.
- Forest maps occasionally generate an exception causing a ROM not to be generated (CD30BD22404CCE88 for example). 12/10 19:01 This shouldn't happen anymore.

Other notes:
- I think I like the characters with these colors that came up in 94E02875DE08C6EC better than the originals.

Once the problems above are resolved it should be initial release time.  Matter of days here, hopefully.

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