Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Some additions & fixes

New test stream soon, and maybe a public release if it feels less grindy now.

A few things have been added in the last week or so:

- Options on the GUI for which tilesets will be included, and some optional hacks.
- An optional hack I'm working on that lets you walk off the screen without P2 and P3, so it doesn't matter if they get stuck.  It needs some work still, but is provided as an option on the GUI.
- An optional fix for the overcharge glitch used in speed runs.
- Optional randomization of player character clothing, hair, and skin colors.
- A length option - 8, 16, or 24 floors.  32, which is the max I can fit for worst-case map compression, is currently broken.
- Some details added to some maps and additional palettes for ruins and island tilesets.

What's still needed:

(Near term)
- Testing and balance fixes.  Particularly for harder difficulty levels--I've been testing under "Casual" so far.
- A release of what I'm calling v0.1 for public test and feedback.

(Long term)
- More tilesets.  Lots more tilesets.
- Boss floors
- A fix for 32 floor ROMs.
- Publish source (C#) since I don't plan to work on this forever, and it could still have a ton of things added to it.


  1. why not publish the sourcecode on github?
    Others could help out then

    1. That's the plan once all the basic stuff is working.