Sunday, July 15, 2018


Minor update.

- Add "Sell all unequipped gear" option to Neko in AC/Chaos to speed up the gear selling process.
- Fix an issue where the Sprite starting with a wristband equipped caused two Trash items to show up in the gear menu.  Apparently Sprite can't normally equip this item, and I suspect this is why.  The fix is just to give him an elbow pad instead.


Saturday, April 28, 2018


Mainly some adjustments to difficulties.  Apparently "hard" was a little too hard in terms of physical damage, so I made some adjustments.  Also, some hacks that were not previously optional were made optional.

Full changelist:
    - Fix a few issues where custom difficulty values did not adjust properly on the UI due to casting doubles down to integers.
    - Rebalancing of difficulties in all modes, mainly physical/magical damage by enemies.  Previously, enemy physical damage was severely overpowered, and magic damage was fairly underpowered, particularly for AOE damage. 
I'm currently testing with Chaos hard mode.  Adjustments so far include:
       - 1/8 Mgdef for all player characters.  This, combined with int adjustments for enemies, reduces the odds of enemy AOE spells hitting for 1 to all characters whgile a large amount to only one.
       - 1.5 times experience growth
       - 4/3 enemy weapon damage base
       - 1/2 enemy weapon damage growth
       - 70% boss HP multiplier
       - 50% enemy weapon level growth
       - 60% enemy int growth
       - 120% int exponent
       - I was missing a stat on enemies that affected their magic power, so enemies had a bit of vanilla magic damage.  This has been fixed.
       - Starting consumables 3/2/1 instead of 3/1/0 depending on difficulty level.
    - in Chaos mode, Undine is weighted very heavily to come up early-on.  This is not true in Ancient Cave, where you can use Phanna to restore.
    - The first boss in Chaos mode won't come up at as early a floor as before.
    - Add a new configuration screen that collects a bunch of existing settings together, and adds some previously-hardcoded things as options that default on.  All of these things are part of the options string, so you can copy/paste them as one whole block.

This is still a work in progress, but hopefully these settings are more playable than 0.93's.


Saturday, March 10, 2018


A few little fixes and such:
- Fix issue where encountering Vampire in chaos mode would softlock due to the characters being placed on the wrong layer for collision.
- Fix issue where swapping two menu items could crash the game (this was introduced by the "status glow" hack in 0.91)
- Take out neko/watts on a few chaos maps where they could potentially be unreachable.
- Add character selector for chaos mode.
- Change the way removal of characters is done.  Deselecting girl or sprite now won't even ask you to name them and you'll never see them.  Please note that the boy still suffers from a few minor/graphical glitches if removed from the party.  Would recommend NOT unchecking "Boy" from character list for now.
- Add a few new chaos maps (mainly south town sewers)

Friday, February 2, 2018


Couple new things.

- Add "Chaos Mode" which randomly links vanilla maps together into a dungeon.  Basics of chaos mode:
   - Knowledge of game maps is useful.  Maps with three exits have either a mana seed room (which bumps up the mana power, and max level of spells) or an element room, which will grant you a set of spells.  Four-exit maps have both.  Two-exit maps are pass-throughs to the next floor.
   - Every mana seed and element spirit should appear exactly once.
   - I took out the floor indicator for this mode for a little more immersion and less of a "countdown until you're done"
   - Every once in a while Neko and Watts show up instead of enemies.
   - I had to painstakingly document exits to transform on each map, and set a whole bunch of flags for how to handle the maps.  It's possible I fucked a few of them up and haven't realized it yet.  If so, these should smooth out in the coming weeks.

- Fix an issue where enemy weapon damage was not being stored properly.  As a result I had to make some enemy stat adjustments to all modes.  You might find that all modes are a little harder and some enemies hit harder now.  Enemies should overall have less HP and be less grindy.

- Add some descriptive text for each mode on the UI, and adjust some tooltips.


Thursday, January 11, 2018


A bunch of new stuff.

    - Better detection of speedup status to determine whether or not movement speed should be increased.
    - Optionally change character palettes to reflect some status ailments/buffs.
    - Select which characters to start with
    - Shorter ancient cave roms scale up faster - enemies, drops, shops, mana power
    - Speedup increases weapon charge and energy recharge rates
    - Fix issue with rabite colors resetting when poisoned
    - Add options field for easy copy/paste of options on the UI


Thursday, December 28, 2017


A couple fixes from my test stream last night.

- Fix crash when leveling weapons to 8 in boss rush mode.
- Properly limit the slime bosses' MP.


Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Hey, a bunch of new things.

- Add boss rush mode.
- Fix issue where having Windows 7 set to zoom at 125% would make the window have the wrong size and be generally unusable.
- Add option to remove a couple sounds that commonly cut out the music unnecessarily (like footsteps)
- Fix issue with incoming position for Limeslime and Darklich boss arenas.
- Add option for "aggressive" bosses.  This makes them have this behavior.
- Remove doorway tiles in Mech Rider 3 arena.

So this adds a new mode where you face all the game's bosses in a random order.  This currently works as follows:
- Every floor starts you on a "rest" map with Neko (sell only), Watts, and Phanna.
- Phanna will restore you for free, but only a certain number of times over the course of the run.
- Your characters start at a certain level and gain no experience.
- Boss fights do not restore you after the fight ends.
- Defeating a boss grants you two random orbs, three random consumables, and two random pieces of gear.
- Your characters now start with the weakest hat, armor, and accessory (in vanilla, it's only the armor).
- Leveling up a weapon at Watts automatically allows all three characters to charge the weapon to its max power.  At the start of the run, every weapon can already be charged to 1.
- You start with all eight elements and all eight mana seeds, so you can level your spells as high as you want, but MP will be limited.
- MP Absorb has been changed to absorb a max of 3 MP from enemies, but still damage their MP by the original amount.
- Mode 7 bosses (Lime Slime, Dread Slime, Mana Beast) have unlimited MP in vanilla SoM.  This has been changed.

I may make Neko sell some things eventually.  At the moment I like having it limited to the couple things it gives you, and Neko is just there to trash your items and make a little cash for Watts upgrades.

I also may make shorter modes where you don't do all the bosses.

The concept for this is inspired by Kirby Superstar's Arena, where you re-fight all the bosses in a random order and are only given a limited number of tomatoes to heal.