Monday, September 24, 2018


- Take Hydra and Jabberwocky off of Kilroy's map due to an issue seen on Farolicious's stream.
- Add a bunch of songs.
- Add an experimental option to limit sound effects to channels 7 and 8.  This still has some issues but should give you fewer music cuts.  Default off since it isn't working perfectly yet.


Saturday, September 22, 2018


  - Change music randomization to save off the last song that it intended to play, so that it doesn't keep triggering new randomized songs every time you switch maps, and only changes as often as it does in the normal game.
  - Some tweaks to music and add a few new songs.


Friday, September 21, 2018


This is a thing I've wanted to add for a while.
  - Add music randomizer.  This will mix up similar SoM songs whenever they're loaded, and also bring in some music from other games.  More to be added when I get around to it.
  - Fix vanilla issue where triggering a boss's victory event while player 1 is out of bounds would softlock.
  - Move the boss on Axe Beak's map, since he can get stuck in the wall.

Known issues:
  - Summoner-type enemies replacing the sword enemy can cause the spell trigger orbs in the lost continent to despawn.  Re-enter the room and either run up fast or kill them before they summon to work around this for now.  Later I'll make it so these enemies can just never be summon types.


Monday, September 17, 2018


More fixes:
- Fix Tonpole map so Mech Rider and Gorgon Bull won't move off the left side into the water.
- Take Vampires out of the list for Kilroy map, since they have strange movement there related to being attached to layer 2.
- Swap layers on Great Viper map, since a number of bosses including Tonpole and Hexas were having collision issues there and running clear off the map.  Add Hexas back to this map since it is now universally fixed.


Sunday, September 16, 2018


A few fixes and such.
- Don't allow Hexas on Great Viper map since she was seen to just wander clear through one of the walls
- Add more options for some of the silly dialogue
- Add triple exp option and same options for gold drops
- Don't do boss explosion animation specifically on the triple tonpole map so that the music doesn't cut out
- Don't allow Shapeshifter enemy to spawn stuff way above his level


Friday, September 14, 2018


People were having trouble with the first wall boss, and I had some complaints that removing the more-randomized walls took out some of the fun, so we'll compromise.
- Wall Face can be any of the following: Wall Face, Doom's Wall, Snow Dragon, Red Dragon, Blue Dragon, or Dark Lich.  Doom's Wall can only be Doom's Wall or Wall Face.  Doom's Wall needs to be this way for now because he covers a door.
- Rando mode will rename the Mech Rider bosses "Mech Rider I" "Mech Rider II" and "Mech Rider III" to clarify which is which.


Things that may be coming soon:
- Random music from other games
- Occasional random boss palettes/weaknesses/names
- Randomized and/or additional spells

Tuesday, September 11, 2018


Yep, we're doing this with the numbers.

Some things from Yagamoth and NYRambler's streams:
- Fix issue where patching roms with headers would result in corrupted NPCs.
- Fix issue (hopefully) where some bosses were not hittable with melee attacks on some maps.
- Remove Elinee NPC before Spikey fight and adjust event flags accordingly, since despawning her accidentally could softlock.
- Fix weapon orb chests not going away after the correct amount of opens
- Remove fixed-coordinate bosses (Tropicallos, Spikeys, Beaks) from list of bosses that can be Tonpole, since Tonpole appears on two maps with different coordinates.
- Fixed issue where being "slow" and walking through the little doorways in Gaia's Navel would only walk you halfway through and softlock.

Known issues still:
- Defeating the first and second boss of the triple Tonpole fight does the victory animation and the rest of the following fight is fought in silence.  The fight works fine, there's just no boss theme.