Thursday, December 29, 2016

Initial v0.30 Test

Tested bosses last night.  It went pretty well.  I fixed a couple things live on stream.  Bosses were a little OP in easymode so in the meantime I've toned them down a bit.

On a side note, I'm considering adding a limited number of continues.  If you die it will let you use one and go back to the beginning of the floor.  In the case that a particular boss is too much for you to take, this should allow you to go back and prepare better.

Here's the full stream from last night:

and some highlights:  Getting destroyed by Dragon Worm  Mana Beast overdoing the Lucent Beam a bit.

Issues found:
- Watts dialogue corrupted by boss death event (fixed on stream)
- High-number maps do not load from the correct bank (fixed on stream)
- Bosses somewhat OP in easy mode (fixed after stream, I think)
- "Credits" map corrupted, though not game-breaking (fixed after stream -- instead of being solid purple it should now look like it does in vanilla) .. edit: I also added the "The End" screen instead of resetting afterward, and threw in that slower ending music.  So far I only ever get 3/4 moons.  Maybe this is determined at the start of the game?

Other changes:
- Enemy agility has been dropped a bit for hard mode and a lot for easy mode.  This should affect the rate at which bosses cast spells.
- The final floor won't be able to have a boss now - I don't think I had logic for that (warping directly from the boss arena to the mana beast), and it's easier for now to just not allow it.

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