Sunday, November 20, 2016

Testing 11/20

Test stream from today:

New glitches:

- Entering a cave on floor 1 softlocked once with the SD2SNES.  I haven't been able to reproduce this on SNES9X with the same ROM/same cave.  Going to try again at some point with the flash cart.

- The sprite has Lumina listed under his spell levels menu, and the girl has Shade listed.  This one should actually be fixed as of now.

- If I buy an HP/MP restore from the NPC while I have dead characters, they get restored to full HP but not actually revived.  There's probably just some event command I'm missing in here. (11/21 - fixed I think)

New issues:

- Still getting wrecked after floor 10 or so on what should be easy difficulty.  Going to try turning enemy stats down a little and maybe also not bumping mana power up at all.  Unfortunately, keeping mana power at 0 means that spells won't level, so this is a temporary solution - the more complete solution will be reducing the effect that mana power actually has on weapon damage. (11/21 - updated .. halved all 8-bit enemy stats (str, int, etc) on casual difficulty and removed mana power scaling temporarily - will see how this feels next test stream)


  1. Did you solve the random manage damage? Sometimes it was doing only 1 dmg

    1. *magic damage

    2. Damage and stats have been messed with a bit, I'll need to do another full playthrough to know for sure whether it's better or worse. Next stream should be soon, I've been working on a bunch of random things and fixes.