Friday, January 27, 2017

Palette cycling

Another thing I've had to get working for caves out of necessity, that will affect other tilesets.  Since caves are being generated with walls that have waterfalls, and I'm also re-generating and shifting around all the existing palettes, I've had to figure out how the game flags a particular palette to cycle through its colors.  The game uses this for most water animations, and other things like those rainbow trees in Ice Country.

Now that I set this up for every set of palettes that I generate, not only should the cave waterfalls "flow" correctly, but the island tileset water should also move around appropriately now.  It's mostly irrelevant for forests (only affects the waterfall tile I mark the exit with) and entirely irrelevant for ruins .. I think.  Actually, the fireplace tiles might use it, so maybe I'll check that out too.

I'd post an example but I'm way too lazy to take a video capture of it and turn it into a GIF.  You'll see it when v0.50 comes out or when I do a test stream.

As for caves for v0.50, they're still a little glitchy, but they're coming along.


  1. Nice job on figuring out the palette cycling. This next update will really expand the gameplay!

  2. How feasible (and how much fun) do you think it would be to add some sort of boss rush right before the Mana Beast fight? Maybe 3 bosses in a row then Mana Beast? I wonder if that would be fun for anyone but me.

  3. Could be a bit too hard, especially on harder difficulties, since it seems to be a problem to get Bosses down with magic. It feels to me, that lategame Vanilla Bosses have way too high Mdef Stats. Even a Level 4 Freeze hurt Axe Beak only for 1 HP. Meanwhile, you can easily get vanilla early game Bosses down with Level 2 spells if you meet them early enough. Have to play more runs to confirm that though. Only played like 3 hard and 1 casual run on 0.40 and im not that into Boss-Stats. Eagerly waiting to play 0.50 :)

  4. Stats in general are a bit messy, had a fight with the Hydra boss (D013E651EE4BA8EA @10F) that neither it or me could deal more than 1 damage with magic, and no physical damage at all.

    Maybe it should be considered to not have the game end at the Mana beast or change boss stats from vanilla to scale better or something