Sunday, February 26, 2017

v0.50 Soon

I haven't had a lot of free time to work on this thing this month, but cave maps are almost ready.  They just have a few little graphical issues to work out.  If I don't get them ironed out in the next couple days I'll probably just release it and fix them later under a v0.51 -- they shouldn't negatively affect anything, it will just look a little weird here and there.

One thing I'd sort of like to work on next is a Mana Fort Interior map type.  It's so colorful and flashy.


  1. Excellent work, man. The Mana Fortress would be an amazing map type! All of your work so far - bosses, randomized weapons, new tilesets - it's all fantastic. Thank you for the hard work. I'm looking forward to playing the cave tilesets.

  2. Hey! Was just streaming a bit of this last night, and I encountered a pretty significant graphical error in an island map. Highlight's here, and seed details are in the description in case it can be replicated. Don't really have any idea of what may have caused it.

    Anywho, other than that everything's fine. Casual might be a bit too lenient (was easily reaching a point of taking 1 damage from everything, including the final boss,) while Really Hard was almost one-shotting at all points, which... Nah, that end of it is legit. Hardest ought to be that brutal. :P

    Since the game in general has a ton of different bosses and the game has a bit of a focus on sending a lot of them at you, do you think having a boss at the end of every floor would be more appropriate? On one hand it would give players a restore on every level, but on the other it would ensure you're getting a consistent minimum of orbs. Not to mention the challenge potential itself.

    Sorry for going on so long, but the last thing I'll bring up is the music. Obviously there would be a better variety once there are more tilesets, but would it be at all possible for different tilesets to have like, a small selection of tracks to be applied to that floor? At least in my opinion, this would have a significant impact on my enjoyment of the game.

    Anyway, that's all! Thank you for this project. It's rather good so far.

    1. Okay, I messed around a slight bit more, and I feel like the tile thing is happening because the island maps are loading ruins or forest tilesets. I have another one where everything was made of bits of tree and foresty whatnot.

    2. Huh, interesting. I'll have to check that out. Does look like it loaded either the wrong tileset or the wrong map data. I wonder if it's a side effect something I'm doing in "really hard," since I tend to test on hard.