Thursday, January 12, 2017

Weapon Randomization

This is getting somewhat close to being usable.  I have a bunch of names, palettes, status effects, etc that can randomly appear on weapons now.  The names include the originals plus a bunch of crap from other games.  Some of them include silly descriptions and all of them list the associated effects/stats.

Also, weapon names are no longer in all-caps.  Not sure why they did that.

My only concern is maybe having so many random effects might make weapons OP.  I'd like to do a test stream on hard mode soon and check things out.

At some point I'd also like to fix the Watts upgrade glitch - if you upgrade a weapon that's currently equipped, it won't take effect until you re-equip it.


  1. spells are not getting any exp. im using .31 and hard seed [A28FEBC470868D7F] only played for a little bit and spells stayed at 0/0

    1. You can upgrade spells after every 4th floor, starting at the 4th. If you try it there, you will notice experience gain. It's also way faster than in Vanilla SoM. Whenever I play through 16 floors, I don't have any trouble to get any Elemental i want to Level 4.

    2. ^ this is accurate. It levels as far as your "Mana Power" like in the real game, and I bump that up every 4 floors so you can't just grind out spell levels to max. I also sped up the leveling considerably so the grinding you can do is less tedious.

  2. I'm looking forward to testing the randomized weapons. Thanks for all of the great work so far, Moppleton!