Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Caves and stuff

Very basic caves are generating seemingly-fine.  They still need some more details, a few fixes here and there, enemies, indoor areas (probably the same cave ones I use in the forest tileset), and a boss room... but it's a start.

Additionally, as part of the cave stuff, I redesigned the way I build walls and other multi-tile structures out of necessity.  I used this new code to improve how I generate trees for the forest tileset.  They should no longer have random holes and bits missing.


  1. Great work, Moppleton! I'm looking forward to the new maps and boss arenas. I wonder if fixing the trees will fix the characters getting stuck in them occasionally.

  2. It should i think yes. Their collision system is fairly touchy and it seems that using the wrong tile types next to each other can pretty often have that problem. I've seen it in the caves too, and switching to a different collision type resolved it.

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