Monday, December 14, 2020


 - Girl character can now cast salamando/sylphid spells to trigger spell orbs in open world.  Logic should also account for this--ie, you might get girl + salamando, and then find the sprite behind a salamando orb.  Analyzer no longer tells you the spell that will work, but instead triggers it as a Sylphid cast.  Names and colors of orbs will (and already have for a while) indicate which element to use.

- Add option to move some enemies further away from doors to prevent situations where you walk through a door and immediately get hit if it's a faster enemy type than in vanilla.  Mostly this affects Northtown Ruins but some other spots as well.  Default on.  If you find any spots I missed, let me know.

- Add option for no normal enemies in open world mode.  This makes an exception for the "boss" in Tasnica, and the Karon ferry driver.

- Fix issue where Christmas mode gift logic didn't properly account for moogle belt/midge mallet, and you could potentially get them from Santa after you were supposed to have given them away.

- Add a couple FF5 songs to the imported songs list.

- Fix a couple wrong samples in FF6 boss theme import.


Sunday, November 22, 2020


 A couple more fixes.

- Fix issue where flower guy near gaia's navel would play the wrong event and not accept a Christmas mode gift.

- Fix issue where gifting the last of a consumable would result in having "zero" of the item like happens with the item trashing glitch in vanilla.


Sunday, November 15, 2020


 More fixes?

- Fix conditions for giving away moogle belt in open world gift mode

- Brighten mana fort palettes when Christmas colors mode is on (previously very dark, even inside!)




- Fix issue with overlapping event flags that could produce softlocks if you were doing open world gift mode without girl or sprite.

- Fix issue where individual gear pieces were not "gifting" correctly.

- Change starting dialogue for Christmas modes to auto-advance due to an event issue when starting with girl or sprite.

- Add option (default on) to make mech rider 1 and 2 not zoom off the map after they die, which can sometimes drag map layers around and make it difficult/impossible to enter doors.


Sunday, November 8, 2020


 New stuff.

- Add two Christmas themed goals to open world mode.

- Add vanilla stats mode for enemies in open world.

- Add option to disable beak shield for spring/axe beak.

Report any issues, suggestions, or questions with the new modes to the discord.  Lots of new logic there that has the potential to break still.

Sunday, June 21, 2020


Couple fixes.

- Fix flammie position when taking off from luna palace
- Fix crash that could sometimes happen after a boss dies in boss-based open world leveling
- Fix inability to hit bosses with ranged weapons on vampire map
- Remove hydras from mech rider 3 map since they had graphical issues
- Move snap dragon boss up a few tiles if it's a snake boss so it doesn't spawn right on you


Saturday, May 30, 2020


Also, the Discord for the SoM randomizer is here

Bugs and feature requests can be made there.  The majority of discussion for the randomizer happens there!