Wednesday, July 21, 2021


 - Add open world option (default off) for minimum and/or maximum level to apply to enemies based on approximate level for an area in vanilla.  For example, enemies in the Pure Lands will be at least level 45 if minimum is enabled, and at most level 50 if maximum is enabled.  This may ease difficulty at high levels on some harder modes and might need to be adjusted a bit as it gets tested.

- Fix preset for Menblock Insanity% to have aggressive bosses enabled (previously it was getting disabled)

- Some minor adjustments to enemy stats in open world.  Physical damage output from enemies should be flattened a bit (ie, high damage enemies will do a little less, and low damage enemies will do a little more), and high physical defense enemies (tomato men, chess knights, etc) should have a bit more defense.

- More neso

Next major thing is probably bingo for open world.  I've been looking at how to render a new menu for it.  It will involve a bunch of new code, new sprites/tiles to move around, input handling, etc.  Time consuming.  But should be neat in the end


Monday, May 31, 2021


 Assorted new things that may or may not work well

- Some adjustments to stats generated for open world enemies to hopefully make them better match  the vanilla enemies with scaled levels.

- Add general option for defense refactor, which changes the damage formula to apply defense/armor in a more multiplicative way (whereas vanilla is pure subtractive) to hopefully reduce instances where buying new armor makes such a huge difference that you go from being one-shot to being indestructible.  This is an early version of this hack that may need some adjustments still; feel free to try it out and report issues.

- Fix issue where channel 4 in FF5's "Decisive Battle" song import would sometimes get out of sync with the rest of the song.

- Fix position issues with Boreal Face boss on the thunder dragon map in pure lands.

- Add option for percentage-based poison, which will damage in ticks of max hp/32, rather than the vanilla 1 at a time.  This is rounded down, so it will actually do anywhere from max hp/32 to max hp/64, depending on what your actual max hp is.  It still shouldn't kill you (it will leave you at one HP) unless the "players always poisoned and can die from poison" option is on.

- Add presets button on open world screen.  This comes with a few "Mystery seed" options, which will generate you a random assortment of open world options, and also a few of Menblock's challenge settings.  Feel free to suggest other combos that may be fun to have here.

- Add a couple silly options including hiding the amount of gold you currently have to make spending a little more risky and blacking out all map data to make it difficult to get around.


Friday, May 14, 2021


- Fix "Obscure own HP" to actually work on all three characters instead of just the girl, who I had been testing with.


Thursday, May 13, 2021


- Fix issue where open world with solo boy was not generating properly due to changes in magic dependencies related to randomization of grand palace.

- Fix issue where FFMQ battle theme would sometimes have random sounds, change volume, or change speed.

- Add general options to hide damage dealt and to hide own HP.


Monday, April 19, 2021


 Couple things got busted that are causing a lot of problems.

- Back out the snap dragon map fix as it's making some walls impassable on that tileset.

- Fix issue where randomized element orbs in grand palace were showing the randomized element, but still only accepting the old element.


Sunday, April 18, 2021


 - Fix some graphical glitches caused by the previous version.

- Add option (default on) to randomize the spell trigger orbs in the sunken continent, and provide some hints for which spells you'll need and not need

- Fix issue where bosses would move out of bounds on map 430 (snap dragon arena)

- Ensure at least one of each gear piece available at randomized shops, for easier completion of the gift exchange mode


Saturday, April 10, 2021


 A couple small things.

- Add option for min/max seeds that it will roll when you pick "Random" for mana tree revival seeds required, so you can have it be like 5-7 randomly for example.

- When playing with girl and no sprite, allow sylphid and salamando spell trigger orbs to spawn, in addition to lumina ones.

- When using Christmas map palettes in open world, ignore "Map palette randomization" since applying both palette hacks looks really bad.

- Move a couple enemies to account for immediately dying when entering a map with "aggressive enemies" turned on.

- Change how sample table is handled for imported FFMQ music, as maybe a fix to issues seen with the FFMQ battle 1 theme.