Sunday, October 15, 2023


 A couple minor fixes.

- Fix issue where running with command-line in a Mono environment would throw an Exception.

- Fix issue with dialogue advancement when starting with girl or sprite in "flammie drum in logic" setting.


Friday, October 13, 2023


 A bunch of new things.

- Add plandomizer for open world.  You can use it to override prize locations, orb elements, starting weapons, boss locations, and boss elements.

- Add flammie drum in logic setting for open world.  This will add flammie drum into the prize pool and start you in Potos.  Cannon travels are all available.  This also adds the elemental orb in the middle of upper land back in.

- Mystery seeds will sometimes put flammie drum in logic.

- Fix a couple issues with Christmas item delivery mode

- Fix issue where Ancient Cave (and probably Boss rush/chaos) were crashing immediately for a few versions now.

- Ten new nesos

- Add ability to generate an open world seed with command-line parameters and never show a UI.  This is mainly for weekly seeds on the discord, but if you want to use it, you have to specify:





- Fix issue where with very high levels, sometimes Tonpole would softlock and not be beatable.


Wednesday, October 5, 2022


 Just a fix for that one new annoyance thing for now.

- Fix issue where "magic rope death fix" hack added in v1.33 would cause item animations to appear on the wrong character.


Tuesday, September 20, 2022


 Larger things are in the works, but this hydra thing was sort of a high priority fix.

- Fix Z position of hydras, tropicallos, spring beaks, and snakes to 0 so they should always be hittable by any weapon on any map.  Also no longer allow hydras on lich map since they get all disconnected and weird.

- Fix status glow check for luna crits buff to consistently show up.

- Fix animation of magic rope for girl and sprite to not allow them to be damaged during it.

- Fix Ho-oh's name in pokedex.

- Minor fixes to a couple imported songs.


Saturday, March 26, 2022


 A few small fixes for now.

- Adjustments to the difficulty of "enemies level on boss kills" setting for open world, which was a little too difficult on normal mode previously.

- Move the enemies in the NTR treasure room up 3 tiles, to avoid a potential softlock when having an autosave there and dying immediately upon load.

- Fix the text that says you can enter 6 letters for a character name to say you can enter 12 letters.

- Small fix to one of the nesoberi names in hint dialogue.


Monday, March 21, 2022


 A quick bugfix and a few small features.

- Add minimum starting level option for open world.  If characters are set to join "at your level," they still will, but your first one will be the specified level.

- Add option (default on) to allow cup of wishes and revive spell to be used on characters that have 0 HP but haven't "died" yet (vanilla requires them to "see the reaper" before they can be targeted and revived).

- Add option (default on) to allow candy and chocolate to provide healing for characters that are at 0 HP but haven't "died" yet, similar to how Royal Jam can be used in vanilla.

- Fix issue where ROM generation would sometimes fail with an exception if Rina nesoberi was chosen for open world, because I forgot to set a couple of the images as embedded resources.  There was maybe a 1/80ish chance of this happening for any given seed, and it's been around for a few versions now.  Whoops!


Sunday, March 13, 2022


 A few random new features and fixes.

- Fix hydras being unhittable on parts of the Spikey Tiger map.

- Force locale to en_us for decimal conversions so floating point options values always use "." instead of "," and can be parsed properly.

- Add option (default off) to remove damage canceling for moogle belt/midge mallet, or for items altogether.

- Add option for 4-8 gifts delivered (was always 8 before) in Christmas gift goal.

- Fix issue where snowman, engulf, or other movement-freezing status would lock up the game when stepping on a whip post with the recent change to speed whip posts up.

- You no longer have to face the correct direction to use the "fast whip" on whip posts; just step on the tile and it will face you the right way and jump.

- Elinee's nesoberi can now offer you up to 3 hints for randomly-chosen important items you don't currently have.  Walk above the nesoberi to pat it and receive a hint.  When you find that item, the hint will change.

- Add option (default on) to display a minimap in the corner for Flammie flight, with indicator of current position and direction.

- Fix issue where MP absorb would eventually give 0 MP when enemies were set to have infinite MP.

- Small fixes to some imported music tracks.