Sunday, August 6, 2017

Music experiment

For a while now I've been wondering how feasible insertion of a song from another game into Secret of Mana was, without replacing one of the existing tracks.

The answer seems to be "kind of."

Here's a version of the FF7 boss theme injected into an ancient cave ROM.

It isn't perfect, but it's a proof of concept, and could probably be used to bring in all sorts of music if I wanted to.  As it stands, I don't know if/where I'll even use this or other tracks, though I think it would be neat in particular to bring in some SD3 or Legend of Mana tracks.

Here's an SPC Capture.


  1. Really cool man! Nice work. Was this done via a midi to SoM song data utility you made? Or MML possibly? I've done a bunch of music hacking for FF6 via MML and a utility made for Romancing Saga 3. Doesn't the sound effects taking up the last 2 channels suck ass lol? Gotta put the least important tracks there...

    1. It was tracked by hand using a MIDI, partially with the secret of mana editor. The samples were ripped from PS1 FF7 and compressed using a routine I had sitting around from the SoM editor also.

      The sound effects are particularly bad with SoM. It doesn't seem to even matter what channel I put things on, sound effects will somehow, someway, end up there. If I knew anything about SPC700 programming I'd like to fix it. A lot of games I've seen (SD3, Lagoon for example) actually write 6 channel songs and restrict the sound effects to 7 and 8 so there's never conflicts.