Saturday, August 12, 2017

Current work

At the moment I'm sort of working on a bunch of different things at once, so progress is a little slow overall, but the next drop or two should have a bunch of new things.  These include:

- A new tileset

- I'm looking at a fix for the glitch where the background palettes flicker while layer 3 messages are up, particularly during some boss fights.  Seems to be an issue with certain types of sprites being on screen, and it's almost certainly a vanilla bug that I'm just triggering more often somehow.  There's a subroutine call I've found at $F4B7 that flips through the frames of the boy character's sprite every 5 frames that seems to have an impact on it, but I'm not sure why yet.  Certain sprites do and some others just don't.  I suspect they're accidentally corrupting VRAM under certain conditions for one frame but I have yet to find where or how.

- I'd also like to fix the vanilla glitch where casting lucent beam (or other palette-modifying spells) then immediately leaving the map causes your palettes to be totally fucked until you cast lucent beam again.  I have a pretty good idea what causes this, I just don't know where to look for it in RAM yet.

- Tracking for meaningless statistics similar to the credits of the LTTP rando.  I've gotten a few requests for this so I figured it would be fun to throw in.  Stuff like total kills & deaths, total physical/magical damage, chests opened, total distance moved, etc.

- A couple custom songs, which may or may not include the FF7 one posted earlier just yet.  I've actually come up with a routine to import the entire SD3 soundtrack, so I may end up using a few of those here and there.  I'm trying to get away with not bringing in custom samples when I can, and some of these actually sound pretty alright in SoM's sample set.

And longer-term:

- I'd like to have "bonus floors" that have some sort of boost associated with them (exp, gold, etc) and have no "indoor" map.  This would allow me to use some of the simpler tilesets like the desert, ice country, and luna palace interior without having to shoehorn in a way to have NPC houses.

- I want to add the "?" item to the drop pool and have it give a random effect--long lasting things like increased/decreased stats, and instantaneous effects like full heals, killing all on screen enemies, or dropping party HP to 1.  This would add an optional gambling element to the game that I think could be fun.

- More tilesets

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  1. Hang in there. Keep up the good working. You are great. I hope the game gonna have more update.