Saturday, August 19, 2017


I wasn't planning on putting out one of these for a bit, but I've fixed a bunch of stuff, so here we go.

- Add a few random statistics that show up at the end after you beat the mana beast.  More are planned, but these ones are just what I had implemented when I fixed the other stuff here: Total kills, total deaths, damage dealt (total, physical, magical), damage taken (total, physical, magical), distance walked (in pixels), chests opened.
- Theoretically fix softlock that Yagamoth encountered related to opening NPC players' menus when they're on the bottom of the screen.  The threshold for that has been tightened by 16 pixels.
- Checking magic descriptions shouldn't crash the game anymore.
- Tonpole & friends should have their MP properly clipped down to the setting from the difficulty values now.
- Fix issue where when in some countries the application would try to parse decimal difficulty values with a "," instead of a "." resulting in way higher than normal values and a failure to generate the ROM.  This is something introduced under v0.80 when I added the configurable difficulty stuff.

Next up still:
- New tileset
- More statistics
- Music stuff; there are a lot of custom tracks available now but I'm having some minor issues with properly loading them sometimes, so for now they've been left out.


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