Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Some minor changes and fixes:

- Increase experience gained on casual mode.
- Fix an issue where magic defense was not being scaled properly for enemies, causing spells to often do 1 damage.  If spells seem OP now, let me know - this has not been fully tested.
- Decrease gold drops on really hard mode.
- Make the Manafort exits a little fancier looking so they can be recognized better.
- Reduce the timer on the teleport for off-screen characters; hopefully this reduces the chances of softlocking due to the only alive character being off-screen.
- Fix an issue where off-screen characters teleporting on cave maps would sometimes be unable to move after teleporting.
- Reduce the amount of whip posts on Manafort maps.

This involves some changes to generated SNES code, so if anything causes new crashes, let me know ASAP and they will be fixed.


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