Sunday, March 19, 2017


Couple more changes today after watching Yagamoth do some runs:

- Adjust positions on Spring/Axe beak so he shouldn't jump out of bounds
- Add profanity filter option (default off) for the Mitch Hedberg quotes for streamers who prefer a PG stream.

Also considering refactoring some spell costs at Stinger's suggestion.  Some of the later-game spells, which are no longer necessarily later-game, are pretty expensive.



  1. I encountered a glitch involving Wall and one of the bosses, where the spell he cast just circled around him for like a minute before it finally hit him. Not sure if anything can be done about it, but I figured I'd report it anyway. Here's the clip:

    1. Yeah we saw that on Yagamoth and Stinger's streams a couple times too. I think it's a vanilla glitch. Nothing game-breaking, but something that could be looked at eventually.