Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Minor stuff.

- Repeated elements will be re-rolled once for an attempt at a better variety.
- There should be fewer crystals in Manafort rooms for slightly less slashing.
- On island maps, each hut is now marked with a unique number of the little apple basket tiles surrounding on its island so you can identify which ones you've seen by counting them.
- On island maps, the tiles and flowers will show up in higher concentrations when you're near huts for ease of finding them.
- Each interior floor of ruins maps now has two "inner" doors instead of four, to reduce the number of transitions required to check all the NPCs.
- Added some additional tooltips to the GUI, notably a brief description of what each difficulty means.



  1. Suggestion: Some level of AI scaling with respect to floors, such as frequency of casting spells, etc.

    Also: The Dragon Worm boss is ridiculously strong at lower levels of floors. Some better scaling in terms of damage could be nice, or a lower frequency of spells cast.

    1. Dragon Worm is a fucking beast for sure. What difficulty were you playing on? Only "Really hard" should boost boss casting speed significantly.

    2. Plain ol' hard mode. Continuously spams spells. I think the vanilla game AI includes checks for proximity.

      The issue are the spells that penetrate Wall and I think are blocked by lucid barrier (Like petrify gas, etc)