Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Hey, a bunch of new things.

- Add boss rush mode.
- Fix issue where having Windows 7 set to zoom at 125% would make the window have the wrong size and be generally unusable.
- Add option to remove a couple sounds that commonly cut out the music unnecessarily (like footsteps)
- Fix issue with incoming position for Limeslime and Darklich boss arenas.
- Add option for "aggressive" bosses.  This makes them have this behavior.
- Remove doorway tiles in Mech Rider 3 arena.

So this adds a new mode where you face all the game's bosses in a random order.  This currently works as follows:
- Every floor starts you on a "rest" map with Neko (sell only), Watts, and Phanna.
- Phanna will restore you for free, but only a certain number of times over the course of the run.
- Your characters start at a certain level and gain no experience.
- Boss fights do not restore you after the fight ends.
- Defeating a boss grants you two random orbs, three random consumables, and two random pieces of gear.
- Your characters now start with the weakest hat, armor, and accessory (in vanilla, it's only the armor).
- Leveling up a weapon at Watts automatically allows all three characters to charge the weapon to its max power.  At the start of the run, every weapon can already be charged to 1.
- You start with all eight elements and all eight mana seeds, so you can level your spells as high as you want, but MP will be limited.
- MP Absorb has been changed to absorb a max of 3 MP from enemies, but still damage their MP by the original amount.
- Mode 7 bosses (Lime Slime, Dread Slime, Mana Beast) have unlimited MP in vanilla SoM.  This has been changed.

I may make Neko sell some things eventually.  At the moment I like having it limited to the couple things it gives you, and Neko is just there to trash your items and make a little cash for Watts upgrades.

I also may make shorter modes where you don't do all the bosses.

The concept for this is inspired by Kirby Superstar's Arena, where you re-fight all the bosses in a random order and are only given a limited number of tomatoes to heal.


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