Thursday, December 28, 2017


A couple fixes from my test stream last night.

- Fix crash when leveling weapons to 8 in boss rush mode.
- Properly limit the slime bosses' MP.



  1. Hello, a little suggestion for normal mode : may be avoid important NPC to be "cloned" as "speaking NPC". It's so frustrating to find a Watt and.... see it was a fake Watt (got 3 fakes Watt in the same lvl xD).
    Or may be you've done that just to troll us ?^^

    And, I dont know if I can ask a question there, but is there really a magic on all floors in "really hard - 8 floors" mode ?
    Searching long time, but never find some of them. Thinking there was a bug when I saw a place with only 2 NPC.

    1. The fake NPCs are intentional. It's an excuse to see a Mitch Hedberg quote once in a while.

      No guarantees for unique magic. 2 NPCs usually means there's a spell NPC in that room that you already have.