Friday, June 30, 2017


I've held onto this for long enough, I think.  This may have some issues still, but we should be able to work them out in time.  The changes are:
- Major enemy stat/difficulty overhaul.  The three built-in difficulties have been overhauled, and every piece of them is now customizable if you so desire.  This will likely have some issues, so let me know if any mode is too easy, too hard, too grindy, etc.  Feel free to adjust stat values to find the right balance and submit them here.
- Remove Tonpole as a boss in Manafort - he doesn't seem to work on that map.
- Fix re-rolling for non-repeated bosses.
- Demetri Martin as random dialogue source
- Add Phanna, Watts, and Neko into the mix as random useless NPCs - this should give you a reason to see the comedian dialogue at least now and then.
- Overhaul how I handle the in-game timer - it should be more accurate now but hasn't been fully tested yet.
- Allow Evil Gate to be used on bosses.  Vanilla Evil Gate is an HP percent attack which is reduced to low, fixed damage on bosses.  I've replaced this damage fix with a 50% damage reduction, so it should work on bosses but (hopefully) not be TOO overpowered.


As always, suggestions, bug reports, etc. are welcome.  There are a lot of changes here, so I would expect some things not to be quite right yet.


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    1. Hey Mop,
      great update, thanks for sharing! I just can't believe how far you've come, it makes me so happy to play this. Some of the tile sets are seriously cool and well put together. I played on casual and I've only had a short go (15 mins) at it so far as I am at work haha. These are just mostly cosmetic things that I noticed, I'm sure you already know about these but I'll post them anyway:

      - No 'door open and walk-in' animation for doors
      - 2 people in the same room had same dialogue
      - No animation or sound for receiving magic from spirits. (Would be cool to have a short celebration animation similar to when you receive an orb.)
      - I was able to walk through some tiles, specifically the edging of the fence (purple) at the outside of the temple (floor 2), if that makes sense.
      - When one of the enemies used Luna magic (the laser looking one), I walked inside mid way through animation and made the background permanently lighter in all maps that have towns people.

      A part from that, the randomly generated places were well put together and it was really fun. I can see you put a lot of effort into this. Seriously well done.

    2. Hey thanks! In response:
      - That would help a bit, but I think the majority of time is spent actually loading the maps, which there isn't too much I can do about, time-wise. I'm curious though whether it can be optimized a bit.
      - Yeah, that'll happen.
      - Can maybe add this. I think the difficulty will be picking up the same song that was playing before.
      - Yeah, that's a known issue. The outside of Ruins tileset has the majority of it, and some of the island tileset water overlaps strangely too. I'm not too concerned with it since it shouldn't really break anything, but it can be fixed eventually.
      - Yeah, that's actually a vanilla bug. There's a color modifier they keep in RAM that gets applied to BG palettes, and if you go through a door while it's in a non-zero state, it gets stuck that way until you cast another spell that has a similar effect. I can probably fix it.