Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Enemy stat modeling for v0.80

The basics are in for v0.80's major enemy stat overhaul.  Preliminary testing shows customizable stats seem to "work" (not crash horribly).  Need to try a few more things before I really call it working.

Here's what's been added:

- Stat growth is no longer a simple calculation in SoM code based off the floor number.  The tool generates two tables of values for each stat that enemies and bosses pull from separately.  This is based on a simple parameterized formula for each stat: Stat value = b + (f^e) * m, where
   - b = a base value
   - f = the floor number
   - e = an exponent
   - m = a multiplier
b, e, and m are configurable for each stat.  This allows you to make, for example, HP grow in an exponential fashion while defense stays constant or grows linearly.

- The tool runs through some basic damage formulas and with some optional user parameters, figures out about what your stats will be at each floor based on how many enemies you tend to kill, whether or not you buy armor, etc.  It can then graph the progression of things like damage you'll tend to deal to enemies with physical/magical hits, number of hits to kill your characters, etc:

- All other parameters of a specific difficulty level are now customizable.  This includes things like your starting gold, cost of a continue, number of element NPCs per floor, etc.
- If you don't feel like screwing with any of this stuff, the old difficulties (Casual, Hard, Really hard) still exist as preset configurations of all of these things.
- If you do like messing with this stuff, you can save, share, and reload custom difficulty settings.  You can also export and tweak the built-in ones if you feel they aren't quite correct.

- The damage calculations I'm using are a simplified version of those found here: (credit to StingerPA for these calculations).  These are still largely untested.  If you find issues with the accuracy of the graphs, let me know, and we can find what's not being calculated right.

- Player stats are still 100% vanilla.  I have no current plans to change them.  I sort of like having something from the original game still be present.

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  1. Amazing work Moppleton! I like the idea of being able to tweak the enemies. It looks like you've been very thorough in creating a very nice mechanic. I can't wait for the next version. I'd say I've played about 30 of these AC games through to the Mana Beast. The game gets better with every update. Please keep up the great work - you're truly skillful.