Saturday, April 28, 2018


Mainly some adjustments to difficulties.  Apparently "hard" was a little too hard in terms of physical damage, so I made some adjustments.  Also, some hacks that were not previously optional were made optional.

Full changelist:
    - Fix a few issues where custom difficulty values did not adjust properly on the UI due to casting doubles down to integers.
    - Rebalancing of difficulties in all modes, mainly physical/magical damage by enemies.  Previously, enemy physical damage was severely overpowered, and magic damage was fairly underpowered, particularly for AOE damage. 
I'm currently testing with Chaos hard mode.  Adjustments so far include:
       - 1/8 Mgdef for all player characters.  This, combined with int adjustments for enemies, reduces the odds of enemy AOE spells hitting for 1 to all characters whgile a large amount to only one.
       - 1.5 times experience growth
       - 4/3 enemy weapon damage base
       - 1/2 enemy weapon damage growth
       - 70% boss HP multiplier
       - 50% enemy weapon level growth
       - 60% enemy int growth
       - 120% int exponent
       - I was missing a stat on enemies that affected their magic power, so enemies had a bit of vanilla magic damage.  This has been fixed.
       - Starting consumables 3/2/1 instead of 3/1/0 depending on difficulty level.
    - in Chaos mode, Undine is weighted very heavily to come up early-on.  This is not true in Ancient Cave, where you can use Phanna to restore.
    - The first boss in Chaos mode won't come up at as early a floor as before.
    - Add a new configuration screen that collects a bunch of existing settings together, and adds some previously-hardcoded things as options that default on.  All of these things are part of the options string, so you can copy/paste them as one whole block.

This is still a work in progress, but hopefully these settings are more playable than 0.93's.



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