Friday, February 2, 2018


Couple new things.

- Add "Chaos Mode" which randomly links vanilla maps together into a dungeon.  Basics of chaos mode:
   - Knowledge of game maps is useful.  Maps with three exits have either a mana seed room (which bumps up the mana power, and max level of spells) or an element room, which will grant you a set of spells.  Four-exit maps have both.  Two-exit maps are pass-throughs to the next floor.
   - Every mana seed and element spirit should appear exactly once.
   - I took out the floor indicator for this mode for a little more immersion and less of a "countdown until you're done"
   - Every once in a while Neko and Watts show up instead of enemies.
   - I had to painstakingly document exits to transform on each map, and set a whole bunch of flags for how to handle the maps.  It's possible I fucked a few of them up and haven't realized it yet.  If so, these should smooth out in the coming weeks.

- Fix an issue where enemy weapon damage was not being stored properly.  As a result I had to make some enemy stat adjustments to all modes.  You might find that all modes are a little harder and some enemies hit harder now.  Enemies should overall have less HP and be less grindy.

- Add some descriptive text for each mode on the UI, and adjust some tooltips.



  1. Once again, your hard work is amazing! I'm so excited for Chaos Mode. Thank you for what you're doing.

  2. Sounds interesting! Can't wait to try. Looks like you are getting close to version 1 :D